First and Third-Party Auto

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NMG physicians are well versed in the auto and liability laws of California.


Physician consultants address only the issues requested by the insurance carrier and deliver evidence-based medical opinions in a timely manner. Typical issues that are addressed include: return-to-work status; disability; need for further treatment; causality; need for testing; household help; transportation; and durable medical equipment.

Document the Chronology of Events

Medical records management is critical, providing the examiner with a chronological and objective picture of the claimant’s injuries. It provides a solid basis for comparison between the claimant’s complaints, the medical records, and the examination.  

Comprehensive records that inform the physician examiner should include: mechanism of injury; age of the claimant; injuries sustained; past medical history; emergency room records; office notes; assessments; and test results. If requested, diagnostic films are important in the examiner’s decision making process. Adequate records can eliminate the need for addenda and are most important when causal relationship is an issue. NMG's service professionals can collect records or clients can use our portal, FTP or our document management services.